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Foot Protection Program

Every year tens of thousands of foot-related work injuries result in lost work days, with employers absorbing the continuously increasing average cost per incident to their bottom line. Protecting employees from these injuries is, therefore, an important consideration for any employer, especially those with a large workforce operating in industrial and hazardous environments.

Fortunately, for companies experiencing foot injuries or those seeking to avoid foot-related incidents, improving foot safety is possible, and the solution may be more straightforward than you think.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 75% of acute foot injuries occur when workers are not in compliance with applicable standards. In other words, workers are not wearing the right footwear for the job, and unsurprisingly those individuals are much more likely to experience an injury. Additionally, according to OSHA, one of the leading causes of all chronic work-related foot injuries is improper fit.

As such, ensuring your workforce has the right footwear for the job and for the given individual is paramount to promoting a safe workplace environment, and it can go a long way in driving down the rate of recordable foot injuries.

We can take that responsibility on for you. Request a foot protection program with Indiana Safety and we'll come to you. Our staff will review, onsite, your entire operation. We'll identify the appropriate footwear for all your applications, and provide comprehensive solutions that result in an overall cost-savings to you.

Next, we'll schedule an onsite fit-testing for all your employees, to make sure each person has the proper fit for their foot. We'll take down your employees' information, so you can order easily on the day of testing, or you can review it and order at your convenience on our website.

This service is free of charge. Simply request a representative to get started!