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Vending Machines and Lockers

We offer custom vending machines and lockers tailored to your needs. Tell us what products you want stocked and we'll calibrate the machines to suit. We can place machines strategically throughout your facility, and with the ability to dispense a wide variety of items, your employees will have access to the supplies they need, when they need them.

Using our machines, you can:

   • Reduce consumption by 20%+
   • Save time with point-of-use dispensing
   • Receive detailed reporting of use and spending
   • Streamline purchasing
   • Have 24/7 secure access to supplies

Supplies can be accessed quickly and easily with either an employee badge or an employee PIN number. This system also allows you to place restrictions on what individual employees can retrieve over time and by location.






Our integrated touchscreen displays images of the items to make selection easy and accurate.

Combine your machines with our Vendor Managed Inventory Program, and we'll stock the machines for you as you need it. See our VMI page for more details.

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