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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Under traditional supply chain models the buyer is responsible for placing orders as the need arises. This can lead to process inefficiencies and unnecessary burden on end-users. By letting us manage and replenish your inventory, a VMI program will streamline your inventory procedures, boost your bottom line, and alleviate you of the issues that normally arise from the supply chain process.

The benefits of VMI:

   • Avoid going out of stock

The program is designed to reduce last-minute orders and interruptions to the labor force from unexpected stockouts. You set the minimum product quantity to be stocked. We'll ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

   • Lower carrying costs

You set the maximum product quantity to be stocked at any given time. By having exactly what you need and no more, you won't tie up space and capital unnecessarily.

   • Reduce labor costs

Your employees will no longer have to spend time managing inventory or placing individual orders when product is needed. We'll assume the burden of keeping you in stock, freeing up your employees to perform other functions.

   • Flexibility

A dedicated representative will work alongside your team to develop a tailored VMI program that suits your needs. Have us manage a few crucial products or your entire product range, whether from a centralized tool crib or stock locations across multiple facilities. Tell us how often you'd like us to be onsite (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.), and we'll be there to manage your inventory. Easily adjust your program at any time to account for growth or changing needs.

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